Nantucket Sinks USA have selected a product line that conforms to the grace and splendor of the island while providing a timeless functionality. We have made it our mission to produce products that can seamlessly balance the ever-changing needs of the modern kitchen and bathroom with the enduring elegance and beauty that our customer seeks. Warehouses located located in Rhode Island, Reno NV and Houston Texas.


Kalia is more then a manufacturer of decorative plumbing fixtures, Kalia is your partner for creating the most beautiful water tales in your home. As water is the source of life, we believe it needs to be delivered through products whose elegance and outstanding durability and functionality will keep you fully satisfied for years. With their own Design Studio, Kalia provides products in six categories, kitchen faucets, bath faucets, shower valves with accessories, vessel sinks, shower pans and shower doors, that are complementary to your existing lines because of there uniqueness and style.


OS&B® is a leading Manufacturer and Distributor of Plumbing Products. Located in Oakville Ontario, OS&B® is Canada’s largest manufacturer and Distributor of Waste & Overflows, Traps, Lavatory Drains, Tubular Brass Fittings and various other plumbing parts. Exclusive trademarks of OS&B® include Clicker™, Cable-Drive® and Fill & Drain™. OS&B® earned a reputation for offering innovative and high-quality products at competitive prices. Our products come in many of today’s most popular finishes, including Brushed Nickel, Pearl Nickel and Venetian Bronze. 


Isenberg produces a full range of high-quality decorative brass kitchen and bath plumbing fixtures. Isenberg has offices in Krefeld, Germany, Mumbai, India, Dubai, UAE and Dallas, USA. At Isenberg we understand that water is the most important natural resource and life cannot thrive without it. Isenberg’s fixtures have been designed to suit every mood, because we appreciate the fact that you are an individual first. If you like the minimalism of the new millennium, you will see the cleanest lines in an Isenberg fixture that respects how you look at your space and your desire to maximize it.

Viefe Logo

Viefe is a family owned business based in Spain. They started making buttons in 1932, and transitioned to decorative hardware in 2009. They are now an international brand established on 5 continents, and now available in the US.

Offering unique designs created by dedicated designers located around the world, not to mention the beautiful styles, finishes and materials which are unique in the market.

Quare Designs Logo

Quare is a dynamic Spanish company that offers elegant, stylish and modern solutions for the decoration of the bathroom (Shower Bases, Wall Panels, Washbasins and Bathroom furniture). Quare is a specialist in resin products with a high mineral load.

Quare offers exclusive surface textures and products in made-to-measure sizes, with large dimensions available. They also provide solutions for fast and easy installation as well.

Airmada Logo

Airmada: Experience the much-anticipated luxury of a hot shower – without the after-shower humidity, mildew, or scrubbing.Our powerful patented AirJet Shower Drying System is designed to be built directly into the ceiling and walls of your shower. With the touch of a button, the AirJet nozzles produce high-pressure air, quickly and thoroughly drying your space. Innovative green technology not only minimizes cleaning effort but reduces the need for harsh chemicals.

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